More Meta-Drivers


Meta-drivers shift the client’s locus of attention, in the meta-driver section this was done by having the client physically move to a new space or move the subject of their attention (B) to a new space.

Alternative Methods

Here follows other methods for shifting the locus of attention. I am sure there are many more than what is presented here:

Spatial A

  • Tilt-board
  • Gyroscope (aka: whirly gig)
  • Ark Angle (link)
  • Zorb Ball

Spatial B

  • A large tent (six sided)
  • Spinning table (six sided)


  • Music
  • Nature Sounds
  • Industrial Sounds
  • Repetitive beats
  • Irregular beats


  • Constraints (i.e. arm slings/crutches)


  • Blindfold
  • Colours
  • Images
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