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 Parts of me still hang\\ Parts of me still hang\\
 A future path, undefined\\ A future path, undefined\\
-These parts of me are held behind\\+Those parts, frozen in time\\
-To the fore\\+Then brought to the fore\\
 To the here and now\\ To the here and now\\
 Experienced again\\ Experienced again\\
 Re-wound\\ Re-wound\\
-Shaken ​- Stirred\\+Now shaken ​- Stirred\\
 Upset & confused\\ Upset & confused\\
 The growing up again has just begun\\ The growing up again has just begun\\
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 Are felt\\ Are felt\\
 Then blow away\\ Then blow away\\
 Did we hold on to remember?\\ Did we hold on to remember?\\
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 Stepping out into sunshine\\ Stepping out into sunshine\\
 Blue skies and change\\ Blue skies and change\\
-These old eyes are renewed\\ +These old baby eyes are renewed\\ 
-and see a new world\\+To see a new world\\
 Experienced again\\ Experienced again\\
 "​Don'​t take it away!"​\\ "​Don'​t take it away!"​\\
 ... and release ...\\ ... and release ...\\
-It's a passing phase\\+ 
 +It'​s ​only a passing phase\\
 As the young fills its space\\ As the young fills its space\\
 On the inside\\ On the inside\\
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 To grow and be whole\\ To grow and be whole\\
 To be in the world\\ To be in the world\\
-or not here at all\\+And the fear is not here at all\\
 **Matthew Hudson** **Matthew Hudson**
 </​WRAP></​WRAP>​ </​WRAP></​WRAP>​
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