David Grove

1st Dec 1950 - 8th Jan 2008

David was born in New Zealand of Maori and European ancestry. He graduated in zoology at the University of Canterbury in 1972, and gained an MBA from Otago University in 1973.

While working in business in the USA he became interested in psychology. His professional development as a psychotherapist included a degree in Counselling from the State University of Minnesota and a study of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Subsequently his work in Clean Language, Therapeutic Metaphor, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge has placed him as one of the world's most innovative psychotherapists.

Clean Language developed as a response to clients' subjective experience of phobias and trauma. It is a set of simple powerful questions that help clients fully explore and develop their personal metaphors for their experience. As the client learns more about their unconscious metaphoric world the metaphor typically begins to modify of its own accord, resulting in the relief or resolution of the problem. Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge use space and movement in addition to language to achieve similarly profound results

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