6 ‘B’ Starts or 6 Versions of ‘B’


This process involves the client creating a mission statement, and running the over-drive process on it. Then re-creating the mission statement and over-driving 5 more times.

Thus creating a 6 x 6 fractal map of the issue. Through this process the issue will undergo several transformations.

A transcript of the process is also available for a detailed analysis.

The Formula

  1. Clean Setup
  2. Over-Drive B (with Upload)
  3. Download A
  4. Upload A onto B (once)
  5. Meta-Drive B
  6. Meta-Drive A
  7. Run 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 five more times (using a new sheet of paper each time)
  8. Overdrive A (with Upload)
  9. Download A
  10. Upload A
  11. Contrast and Compare

This may seem a little convoluted at first, however it is really simple, read through the transcript for the specific questions (note that in this transcript I was over-driving A not B).

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