The Clean Start

What is the Clean Start?


Figure 20

It is a series of questions relating the spatial/psychodynamic space of the client and their ‘Mission Statement’, that are re-iterated either in sequence or as the facilitator requires, until a positive answer to all of them has being received in succession; if a client states that themselves or the statement is not right, the client should physically move themselves or the statement to suit.


To make the space psychoactive and elicit from the client their spatial organisation.


The list of questions that are asked of the client is:

  • “Are you in the right space?”
  • “Are you at the right height?”
  • “Are you at the right angle?”
  • “Are you facing the right direction?”
  • “Is that in the right space?”
  • “Is that at the right height?”
  • “Is that at the right angle?”
  • “Is that facing the right direction?”
  • “Is that the right distance between you and that?”

Once a positive answer has been received from the client for each question in succession, the client and the problem are considered to be in a state called the ‘substantive’.

We feel it necessary to mention here that the attentive facilitator will notice that although the client has said “Yes”, they may have actually made a gesture, nodded or shifted their body position slightly before or whilst giving their verbal response, this is to be considered a ‘No’ and the questioning and moving of the client or problem is continued in a way that acknowledges the ‘no’.

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