What is Downloading?


Figure 25

It is a direct question to either A or B, that brings the client back to the ‘Now’ to consolidate their learning.

The question is simply:

  • “So what do you know now?” or
  • “And what do you know now?”


Signifies the end of six iterations within the evolving network.

It also confirms and consolidates the knowledge that A has acquired and brings it back home to A so that A can process it and self-organise.


At the end of the Over-Driving Process ask:

  • “And what do you know now?”

We can also run this process on B to consolidate, however this is an optional process.

  • “So what does that know now?”

Once this information has Downloaded, the use of the Upload process will allow that space to hold the new information. It can be written or drawn on the existing papers or on a new sheet, (follow the client).

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