The Aim of Working with Worlds


In order to live and respond to the real world, to the best of our abilities, we need all aspects (fragments) of ourselves to be re-united into our Primary World.

The overall purpose of this work is to create the context in which a client can accomplish this.

This ‘United’ state then, enables our Primary World to be scaled correctly to the real world and to have a good relationship with what the real world is. Donald Winnicott’s interpretation of this ‘United’ state is represented in his definition of a healthy individual:

“The healthy individual does not become isolated, but becomes related to the environment in such a way that the individual and the environment can be said to be interdependent.” - D.W.Winnicott

Quote from Boundary and Space (pg. 46) - (1963) From Dependence towards Independence in the Development of the Individual

The End Game

We are not proposing that working with the Emergent Knowledge processes will make the real world OK. The aim is to make our internal representation of it healthy and therefore enable us to be more effective in managing it.

For example, you could be living in a disaster zone, where you have to adapt and interact to survive; after Emergent Knowledge processing the disaster zone will continue to be a disaster zone however your representation and response to it will have changed.

The objective then is to integrate these disparate worlds (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) into one and for the boundaries between these worlds to disappear through the Journey of Emergent Knowledge. In making this journey, the experience allows us to shift and change the boundaries between our worlds. Also, the new network created through this journey, allows each of these worlds to be acknowledged as separate; then we can re-connect and communicate with them, bringing them back into the Primary World.

A Proposed Methodology

Our Secondary and Tertiary Worlds contain wisdom and solutions to the problems identified by the you in the Primary World. However, this you is the least useful in resolving these problems, it has the least useful information that is needed to resolve the real world issues. The wisdom and solutions to these real world problems will most likely be found in the other worlds and therefore thankfully, does not rely on this you to come up with the solutions.

The emphasis is on the knowledge that exists on the inside of our Secondary and Tertiary Worlds, thus taking the stress and responsibility away from this you in the here and now of having to resolve this.

The solution is out there. With Emergent Knowledge it can be discovered.

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