The Use of Space


Up to this point the reference to space has been about using language to move a person mentally or emotionally to a space in a time where they can view events from different perspectives.

Working with Physical Space

The idea of working with space, physically moving and using the space within a room, is that there is valuable information to be gained by asking questions of objects and spaces, rather than focussing on the client. This relieves the client of responsibility and gives the client different perspectives on events in their life.

Clients are able to ‘download’ information that they know, at certain points in the room. When they move to another space, they effectively leave behind part of themselves in the previous space. This way they are removed from who they were and how they felt in that time and space. They are in a different cosmology. Once they move, they are able to view who they were in that space, they now have a different view and therefore different information to download.

Clean Space

The notion of physically moving a person to a different position in the room where they can view events from different perspectives is called ‘Clean Space’. David provided the following information about ‘Clean Space’ and its relation to this work:

It can be very difficult to move someone to another space emotionally, but actually making the person move to a different position in the room can achieve the same objective, sometimes quicker or easier.

For example, a person may be in a position where the trauma is occurring and it can be difficult to move them emotionally from that space, but by just turning the person around they may find themselves in a different emotional space.

What also happens is that when a person is in one space, they are able to view another space as if it is a different cosmology, so they are not only able to view events in their life from different cosmologies or perspectives, but the space actually makes a cosmology tangible, so they can look back to a space and feel they are actually looking at that cosmology and the events that occurred in that time period, as they’re literally kept in that space now. Part of the person, their mental space or mental body stays anchored in each space so that when they get up and move, part of them doesn’t leave.

In this way information can be ‘downloaded’ into a space, giving the space knowledge that can be drawn on and developed when the need arises.

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