Metaphorical Worlds


The metaphor that runs through this work is based around cosmology or Worlds.

A metaphorical ‘World’ as defined in this work consists of our:

  • Memories
  • Metaphors
  • Metaphorical Landscapes
  • Data
  • Importances
  • Images
  • Dreams
  • Voices
  • Feelings
  • Emotions
  • Efforts
  • Beliefs
  • Values

All of these constructs are held within their own spatial and logical boundary. Each ‘World’ has its own unique logical order and sense of scale that has the effect of maintaining separation from our Other Worlds.

We all live in world that is ‘Real’. This real world is made up of matter and energy within space moving through time. However, how an individual understands and perceives this reality is entirely unique. This inner reality or internal world, the one that we are currently aware of, is a self-created construct; created so our consciousness may make sense of the actual world but with a sense of the self being retained. It defines what we know about our thinking and our feelings; it is our Primary World and is the one that we are currently operating out of.

This Primary World filters our experience and we make decisions out of this world. We are the direct observers of this Primary World and we interact with it.

Our Worlds

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