More Over-Drivers


When a client is experiencing a particular physical sensation, the following questions may be asked iteratively:

  • “What’s there now?” or
  • “What’s happening now?” or
  • “What’s that?”

Use of ‘Conditionals’ when Uploading / Over-Driving

It has also been discovered that using the conditional statements can provide access through the boundaries and elicit some previously hidden information.

  • “What (else) can go on there?”
  • “What (else) can’t go on there?”
  • “What (else) could go on there?”
  • “What (else) couldn’t go on there?”
  • “What (else) would go on there?”
  • “What (else) wouldn’t go on there?”
  • “What (else) should go on there?”
  • “What (else) shouldn’t go on there?”
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