Over-Riding Concepts of Emergent Knowledge


  • The language used is ‘Clean’
  • The language used is for facilitation
  • Solutions come from within the client
  • The client uses the space around them
  • There are three sets of inner worlds/realities
  • There is a core-self or ‘Pristine’ state that is accessible and attainable
  • Our worlds are held within sets of boundaries

This section provides a summary of each of these over-riding concepts; the specifics of each concept is addressed throughout the main content of this wiki.

The Language Used is ‘Clean’

Imagine that when working with a client, we are metaphorically entering an operating theatre; we are washed and leave all traces of the external world outside of the theatre.

In the context of therapy; it is the client, their language and physical gestures that make up this theatre, therefore as their facilitator we only use what they are presenting and saying.

The tools and instruments we use, i.e. our questions are to be considered to be clinically clean. Their very construction is designed to limit the amount of influence they may have on a client’s world.

The facilitator is to be ‘Clean’ in their language and behaviour, not influencing the client, only facilitating the client through their worlds.

The Language Used is for Facilitation

The purpose of the facilitator’s language is to ease the client into accessing the matrix (structure) of their experience. This particular style of language creates a context in which change can occur, it is facilitating and only delivered to assist the client in navigating through their worlds.

Solutions Come From Within the Client

As this is the client’s issue, the best solution for their presenting problem comes from their own system. It is in this way it will be fully congruent with the overall ecology of the client.

The Client Uses the Space Around Them

There is valuable information to be gained by asking questions of the objects and spaces around the client, rather than asking the client directly. Also having the client physically move through and use the space allows new information/knowledge to emerge.

Another aspect of utilising the space around the client is that the client has the opportunity to take aspects of their problem and literally ‘get them out of their heads’ and place them in space. The use of space in this way thus becomes a facilitated process to enable dissociation.

There are Three Sets of Inner Worlds/Realities

Our internal reality is made up of three sets of worlds:

  • Our ‘Primary World’: the one that we are currently aware of.
  • Our ‘Secondary Worlds’: those that we have experienced and through doing so have changed the nature of our being.
  • Our ‘Tertiary Worlds’: those that contain our ancestral and spiritual sense of purpose and being.

There is a Core-Self or ‘Pristine’ State that is Accessible and Attainable

At the moment of our creation, we are untouched, we are perfect in all aspects and we have the experience of unity with the universe. This state of being is called The Pristine and is re-accessible and re-attainable.

Our Worlds are Held Within Sets of Boundaries

The three sets of worlds we are working with are all considered to be encased in boundaries that keep the information, memories and feelings that are held within them, safe and secure.

These boundaries may be removed, shifted or strengthened during the client’s journey.

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