What Do We Do Now David?

A Genius Leaves Us

David passed away on 8th January 2008. Leaving behind his legacy, scattered across continents.

So many people worked with David, every one of them capturing a unique piece of his essence, every one of them translating this in their own unique way.

Fortunately, his earlier work was captured, published and carried forward by the Clean Language community. This a growing and developing field - moving from the field of therapy into coaching, business, education, sport.

His later work on emergence is a new field and we are left with some aspects in which to first understand and then develop ourselves.

The Future

Several people were involved with David during the growth of his emergence work, most notable was Steven Saunders who has continued to evolve this work in what is now the Holigral method.

Steven's developments with Holigral can be found here.

Matthew Hudson worked with David during 2007, capturing and cataloguing the fundamentals of his work in emergence. Aspects of this have been presented under the www.powersofsix.com and later a deeper analysis was provided with this site www.self-alignment.com.

Matthew's personal developments can be found here.

The Powers of Six, was created by Philip Harland and Matthew Hudson after David passed away. They decided to collaborate and share their knowledge with the Clean and Emergent Community. Philip had also been working on a book with David under the anticipated title of “The Joy of Six”, however this was later changed to “The Power of Six”

Matthew and Philip's developments can be found here.

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