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Journeys with Emergent Knowledge is a wiki site originally developed around an e-book of the same name, created and maintained by Matthew Hudson. This e-book, presented Matthew's interpretation of the final stages of David Grove's work in the field of emergence, and also his own developments made at that time, new ideas and considerations have regularly been added since this site was first launched.

After creating and publishing this material, Matthew decided it was time to open up the document to the Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge community. In this way he saw that the legacy of David Grove, could be kept alive and developed in an open and free environment.

Utilising the technology of wiki and the freedom of the internet, Matthew hopes to minimise the ownership and potential egotism that can grow in small developing fields of knowledge.

“Emergence is about having all aspects of a system being recognised and heard. In this small corner of the internet, let us create a strong developing community sharing and working together for the future and benefit of humankind.” - Matthew Hudson


This site is dedicated to the spirit of David Grove. Who, in his time with us; healed, transformed and kindly shared his perception and understanding of the nature of humanity.

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and David Grove

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