The Powers of Six

The Website

This was a joint venture began in 2008 between Matthew Hudson and Philip Harland, the purpose was to share the fundamental concepts of David Grove's final work and also to launch and advertise Philip's book of the same name.

The site has continued to flourish and grow, with the addition of an online processing tool called 'The Iterator' invented and developed by Matthew.

Unfortunately, in 2015 Philip Harland expressed that he no longer wished to be involved in the project. Therefore ownership and management of the website are now solely run through Matthew.

The Power of Six Book

Philip published his first edition of the book in 2008 - it is an extremely useful and accessible book for those people first introduced to the subject.

Please note that later editions of Philip's book have removed any mention of Matthew. This is unfortunate as there was a significant amount of work and dedication on his behalf to assist Philip in producing this book. Scanned images of the First Edition are shown below.

The fundamentals of the book are based on the iteration of a question six times, to create a sequence of responses. It has been observed that this sequence holds a particular structure which is similar across cultures and could be an innate human construct.

That structure is presented here.

Scanned Images from First Edition Power of Six Book

 Signed Front Page

“To Matthew in great appreciation Philip”


Acknowledgements in The Powers of Six

 Online Section - Part Six

Reference to The Iterator on


Reference to Self-Alignment Process

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