Joining the EK Community Project


This project was created with the intention of opening up the material of David Grove to the public and allowing a like-minded group of individuals to discuss and develop this material further.

The material presented here is considered to be Open-Source.

How to Join

Currently the method for joining this project is simply:

  • Sign up by emailing newuser (at) with your request and chosen Username
  • Add your name to the EK Community page
  • Create a page for yourself under people:[your_name] and provide a resume and your intentions as a contributor
  • Add your personal page to the start page

Wiki Usage

FIXME This section needs work

As a contributor, feel free to make additional pages and add these under a relevant heading on the start page.

If you are making adjustments on a page:

  • Create a discussion on the page and start your discussion (Instructions)
  • Highlight the section you wish to change using:
  • Clearly show what you want to add or change

The method for group approval still to be arranged

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