Steven Saunders


I am inviting new challenges. The world is in a transition not experienced since the fall of the Roman Empire, and my level of insight and rapid innovating ability can be used to guide organisations through these times. I have a clear light of truth and insight into any situation, and a proven record of innovating in technology, systems, people development and in business.

I have innovated several different technical disciplines, human development, business structures and processes, with literally hundreds of innovations. What I can do for an organisation is to rapidly understand its environment and dynamics, to then initiate changes for the better. Sometimes this might be as simple as the change of attitude of a key person, and sometimes entire systems or structures have to change. This last year I have also been involved in the concept and developing phase of an emergent web technology with the potential to transform its marketplace.

If you have a challenging change programme required, or ambitious goals to prosper during the next few years, then I can enable the change required, and I have a team of trained facilitators who I can offer into support in larger programmes, both in the UK and globally. I am highly experienced in system engineeering, implementing people change programmes, in-depth transformation events, and I am able to transfer my natural innovation talents into any area of life; technology, sport, business, human development; at any level, from the lowest to the highest. Whether it is recruitment, algorithms, psychotherapy, group work, accreditation process, healing centre design, combat systems, team dynamics, training, coaching, creating markets, cooking, sport, or whatever, I can innovate and help those around me to innovate and create practical products and services. Most importantly, I create environments where others prosper and grow in themselves.

I’m a practical, hands-on person who thinks on his feet and innovates on the edge of chaos. It may be years before my intuitive ideas can be proven on a logical, linear-thinking basis. One example was an instant idea at interview for a job in 88; re-conceived in 92 and in-service by 2002 - after a few Ph.D’s and millions of pounds to prove the concept - years later than possible. One example of innovating in other life areas is learning to swim freestyle as an adult, gradually adapting and interspersing it between lengths of breaststroke until I could swim freestyle for miles.

Often innovating can be as simple as mapping something from one life area to another; noticing that electronic situation awareness is like a giant, parallel, join-the-dots problem, thus applying Graph Theory to its solution, and years later recognising the similarity with understanding a human being’s personal collective and their communication, and enabling group emergence. Another fusion example is creating a new dance; the salgo, from mixing tango with salsa!


My intention is to aid healing, worldwide, for anyone who asks, the emergent methods developed at Holigral can transcend any ills of human origin.

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