The Substantive


The definition of substantive from the Oxford English Dictionary is:

  • a. Of persons, nations, etc.: That stands of or by itself; independent, self-existent, self-sufficient.
  • b. Of immaterial subjects: Having an independent existence or status; not dependent upon, subsidiary to, or referable to something else.

In Relation to EK

We can see below how the above definition relates to our problem space.

Initially A and B were caught up inside the space of C, however during the ‘Clean Start’ process A and B are pulled out of the constraints of C, they effectively come to stand on their own. One does not affect the other whilst in this state. It is as if both A and B have provided all that they are able to at this time, they can now rest and be separate for this moment.


Figure 21

We are aiming to achieve this stasis in the system through the ‘Clean Start’ process.

In Figure 21 it can be seen that both A and B, and the space of A and B have extended out of the confines of the space of C. It should be noted that through doing this, they are now directly resident within the space of D, the potential space.

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