Spatial Awareness


A body (person) that has achieved true integration with its environment, will have defined its own inside and outside, plus the limiting membrane in between. As humans this is potentially our first spatial awareness, there is a ‘Me’ and there is a ‘Not-Me’ (i.e. the space around ‘Me’). This provides us with a perceptual definition of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.

Position in Space

Once there is a body in space, there are six fundamental directions that the body can be aware of, that will clearly define a location relative to its locus of attention:

  1. In front
  2. Behind
  3. To the left
  4. To the right
  5. Above
  6. Below

All of these could also be generalised by the term ‘around’.

Relative Positions in Space

For a true location to be perceived however there must be at least another body in space to reference against. Once the second body is placed in conjunction with the first, our awareness increases to include eight more spatial distinctions:

  1. Height(s)
  2. Facing direction(s)
  3. Angle of facing direction in relation to the other body
  4. Angle of body in relation to the other body
  5. Distance between bodies
  6. Size
  7. Movement
  8. Direction of movement

We are unconsciously aware of all this information with respect to our environment all of the time. Allowing the mind to become conscious of this information is now a key aspect of Emergent Knowledge, the process to elicit some of this information and calibrate them as necessary for the particular problem is called a ‘Clean Setup’ or ‘Clean Start’.

The 4th Dimension - Time

We have provided an extensive breakdown of our awareness within 3D space, as well as this, we are also aware of time, or the factor that allows us to distinguish that a body within 3D space has changed in one or more forms.

It is this awareness that allows us to know when we are moving ourselves backward or forward in time within our own ‘psyche-scapes’, this may also take the form of recognising a physical direction in which time goes backwards or forwards.


With all of the above awareness’ available to us, we are thus able to recognise how we are scaled to our world, or how aspects of our world are scaled to us.

It was mentioned earlier about the fully integrated human being, someone who has attained a ‘united’ state. This state could also be represented by an individual who is scaled 1:1 with their world. They are fully present and fully within their body, all fragmentations have been brought back into the here and now – the person is whole.

When an individual is not whole, or out of scale, they will experience the world as if from the eyes of a baby or child. Their experience will be limited by the filters that are still being imposed from an early trauma.

Emergent Knowledge processing aims to recoup all these aspects of you from the past and integrate them back into the whole in the here and now.

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