Uploading (Direct Connection with Over-Driving)

What is Uploading?


Figure 23

It is a process whereby the client writes or draws the answer to the Over-Driving or Download questions on the mission statement or onto new sheets of paper.

The instruction is simply: “Ok, so put that on there.” or variations on this.


To make sure the existing and new knowledge is recognised, that it has residence (an address), a source.

It puts the knowledge in relationship to everything else.

It allows A to release and let go of the information.

It saves the facilitator and client from having to remember what has been said.

It short-circuits the linguistic patterns people have, when they tend to ‘talk’ their way out of situations and it also provides another channel for the aspect of you stuck in a ‘Secondary World’ to communicate, via the drawing or semantics on the paper.


This process can be interlaced with the Over-Driver process in the usual 3 ways:


  • “And what else can go on there.”

Ordinal – from 1st to 6th

  • “And what is the 2nd thing that can go on there.”

Cardinal – Global or Large Chunk

  • “And what are 6 things that can go on there.”
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