What is Meta-Driving?


Figure 24

It is an instruction from the facilitator that moves the client’s attention, usually spatially.

The instruction is simply: “Move to another space.” or variations on this.


To shift the client’s locus of attention and therefore create separate nodes in their network.

Here we will be investigating Spatial Meta-Drivers, however there are many other Meta-Drivers that have been investigated, and we’re sure there are many more yet to be imagined, see more meta-drivers on the future of Emergent Knowledge.

During this section we will mainly be looking at moving the client (A) through six spaces, however we could also do this with:

  • Six directions
  • Six heights
  • Six angles
  • Six distances

Or a mix of them all, it may seem at this point a little odd to shift the clients’ angle, but this becomes very apparent when working with a client on a tilt-board or even better a gyro-scope or the Holigral Ark Angle. We could also direct these instructions at (B) the mission statement.


Example Questions to A

The First Space

  • “Find a space in the room.”
  • “Find a space you can be in, in relation to that.”
  • “Find a space you would like to be in, in relation to that.”
  • “Position yourself where you need to be in relation to that.”

The Subsequent Spaces

  • “Find another space in the room.”
  • “Move to another space …” Etc.
  • “Keep moving until you find the right space.”

Example Questions to B

The First Space

  • “Find a space in the room where that can go.”
  • “Position that where it needs to be.”

The Subsequent Spaces

  • “Is there another space that could go?”
  • “Do you want to change the position of that?”
  • “Now where does that go, in respect to everything else?”

Notice that alterations to the position of B are done through choice here. We could also instruct A to change where B resides.

  • “Move that to another space.”
  • “Change the position of that.”

See The Future of Emergent Knowledge for other ways in changing B’s position.

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